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7- 5 Money Saving Tips for New Home Buyers

Looking for some ways to save money when purchasing a new home? Here are 5 tips that have the potential of cutting back costs, from choosing a 15-year loan term rather than a 30-year term to getting rid of your Private Mortage Insurance by putting down a minimum of 20% when buying your home. Whether…

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6- 4 Reasons Why Foreign Investors Are Keen to Invest In Miami Real Estate

Analyzing current trends, one is able to see a substantial rise in foreign investment in the Miami real estate boom.

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5- ProPublica: State Lawmakers Are Holding Up $300 Million Meant to Help Homeowners

Florida is sitting on $300 million intended to remedy homeowners

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4- Industrial Real Estate Boom for Miami-Investors Wanted!

South Florida is already a channel to regions like the caribbean and Latin America which is why the expansion of the Panama Canal is officially on target to benefit the Miami-Dade County economy.

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3- Venezuelen Capital Flight to South Florida as Venezuelen Nationals Consider Relocating to Miami A

Venezuelens have been looking desparately to move themselves, their families, and their investments to Miami and the greater south Florida region as a result of the re-election of President Hugo Chavez.

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2- A Housing Market on the Mend, Needing More Houses

In South Florida, the buyers are back, for the right price. With values still depressed, sellers aren't eager to enter the market.

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1- Miami Housing Market Goes International

The Miami housing market has been booming in recent months, thanks in large part to a flood of interest from foreign nationals looking to scoop up real estate selling at deep discounts.

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